Shopfront repair specialists in London

We specialise in repairing and renewing shop fronts, including door closers and floor springs. Whether you are looking for having some work done for your shop front or you need someone skilled to repair your windows and doors, we are the ones to call.

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Getting a quote is as easy as 1,2,3

To get a quote for a shop front repair or any other kind of service we offer, call us today. Our friendly specialists will guide you through various options and provide you with a quick quote. This way, you'll know from the beginning what the costs associated with your shop front repair are going to be.

Modern store front

A complete range of services

  • Shop front repairs

  • Floor springs and door closers

  • Health and safety signs

  • Repairs of doors and windows

  • Minor carpentry jobs

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Door and windows repair specialists in London

We provide door and window fitting and repair services to offices and schools of various sizes, including repairing and fitting internal doors, windows and signs.

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Window repair services

  • Double glazed glass replacements

  • Sash Replacements

  • Double glazing window repair

  • Hinges adjustment or replace

  • Tilt and turn window repair

  • Window handle and lock repair

Repair door lock

Door repair services

  • Aluminium, Wood, Armour Plated and uPVC door repairs

  • Door handle and hinge repair

  • Door lock repair and replace

  • Double-glazing door repair

  • Locking mechanism repair

  • Door Pivot Repairs

Update the exterior of your shop

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